Company Profile

Camtech Circuits is a leading professional PCB manufacturer , Located in KDS tech Industrial Park in Doumen District of Zhuhai. The workshop area is 10000 square meters, with 500 employees. Monthly capacity is 30000 square meters. Applications cover Medical, Telecom, Security, Industrial Controls, Automotive and Consumer Electronics.
High density interconnected, high speed, high reliable and quick turn are the trend of nowadays electronic industry. In order to fulfill these requirements, we apply creative processes "Panel Plating + Dry Film Photo resist + Acid Etching" to fabricate designed circuits. Our fully automatic panel plating lines have excellent surface electricity distribution and throwing power .So the PCBs we produced have perfect circuits and flat finishing copper, better signal integrity, higher reliability. This process is excellent to control impedance, high frequency circuits and fine pitch. No need to do pattern plating and tin stripping, we have got accurate production plan controls. At present, our factory's on time delivery rate is 95%.
Camtech Circuits is market-oriented. With strong technologies R & D, we could fulfill customers' special PCB requirements, such as blind/buried VIA, PETERS SD2955 peel able mask, carbon ink, high frequency, impedance controlled and so on .Camtech Circuits ISO/TS16949 and UL certificated. We strictly implement ISO/TS16949 quality management system. Each equipment , every process has its own Manual of Engineering Instructions. No matter prototype or mass production, each Part Number has unique Manufacturing Instruction , which specifies customer requirements.