Customer Service

  • Camtech service time:
    Working time: Efficient service, appoint specialist to handle and give feedback at any time in 365days once you have the requirement.
    RFQ reply time:4Hours
    Order confirm time:4Hours
    Engineering Query offer time: 24Hours
    Quality complaint confirm: 4Hours
    Quality engineer on site support: 4Hours in Guangdong Province, 12Hours in domestic other provinces
    Camtech will provide you competitive delivery lead time to meet your general orders meanwhile make elastic plan to arrange your urgent orders.
  • Arrange customers reception for factory visiting or audit;
  • Evaluate gerber file’s DFM (Design for Manufacturable)
  • After receiving RFQ, offer quotation within 8 hours;
  • After receiving PO, confirm lead date within 4 hours;
  • After receiving PO, send customer panelized gerbers with stencil files within 48 hours;
  • Confirm WIP(Work In Process) status on live; 
  • Perform solderable testing, cross-section analyzing, thermal shock per IPC-TM-650;
  • Provide FA measurement reports, solderable sample, cross-section coupon together with shipment; 
  • QA provide SMT engineering support after shipment.