Technology Standard

2016/1/5 15:03:05
Selecting the surface finish and getting the design optimised are important steps in ensuring that your product performs well, but is that the end of the process? No, you also have to ensure that the material specified is available within the factory and that the factory is UL approved to support such materials.
2016/1/5 14:49:01
When you order PCBs from the Camtech, you are buying quality that pays for itself over time. This is guaranteed through a product specification and quality control that is far more stringent than other suppliers, and ensures that the product delivers what it promises. Furthermore, thanks to Camtech’s considerable purchasing power, the factories are willing
2016/1/5 14:39:51
A surface finish can be either organic or metallic in nature. Comparing both types and all available options can quickly demonstrate the relative benefits or drawbacks. Typically, the decisive factors when it comes to selecting the most suitable finish is the end application, the assembly process and the design of the PCB itself. Below you
2016/1/5 14:31:53
At Camtech  we are asked a multitude of questions by both our customers and our own team. Below we have listed some of the most common questions we receive, and those aspects which are common discussion topics. Hopefully this list will help, be a source of reference or perhaps the trigger for a more in depth discussion.